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top 5 favourite fitness/health apps

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

1. ClassPass

This is the app for the person who loves to try new classes, new studios or new fitness trends- all the time! With ClassPass you can try any class, anywhere, anytime (where it is accepted obvs.) ClassPass works by buying credits automatically every month (my package has 18 per month) and each class is assigned a number of credits. Some classes (like yoga, stretch or restorative) are a smaller amount of credits and some (like prime time or super popular studios) are more credits. You can purchase more credits if you run out or go on a smaller plan if you don't go often. Be aware though, the cancellation policy is 12 hours in advance and a late cancel is $15, while an absent is $20. You can cancel at anytime but if you want to start up again? That is $79. And it is charged in US currency. Want $30 off your first plan purchase? Use link below (not affilate link).

2. 8fit

This is the app for the busy person who finds studios and gyms difficult to schedule in or who needs a quick at home work out. 8fit is a free app with in-app purchase options. This can be full meal plan and recipe app as well but I have not tried that part of it. You start by answering questions about your fitness level and goals and the app designs workouts for you. Each workout ranges in time but averages about 8mins. You can also substitute any exercise in your workout based on your body's needs (ie. injured shoulder or bad knees). You can start with a warm up or go into the workout at any time and each exercise has a little video so you can see the move done correctly. One feature I really like is that you can schedule your next workout and it will send you a notification, so if you are prone to forgetting (like me) you are covered! It also gives you a weekly goal of sweating 4 times per week and you can do that by completing workouts or entering other activities like classes or walking. You can also see your weekly habits and how often you workout which is great for keeping you accountable!

3. BeachBody on Demand

This is for the person who loves a full at- home workout with loads of variety. This app can be purchased in monthly, quarterly and yearly options and is charged through your iTunes account. You can search by trainer, library or popular program. On my laptop I can also search by intensity, duration, etc. I first got this for some new ideas, as I saw an ad where the trainer was using some props in really interesting ways. I had no idea until after I purchased it that the entire BeachBody repertoire was available to view! That means everything from P90x to PiYO and many more! There is even recipe videos available. It doesn't include any of the additional equipment, recipe planners or meal containers, etc. that you may have seen in the infomercials, but this really is great value for money. You can choose the program and then choose the workout you want from a list of options. Workouts range from 10mins to 1 hour.

4. MyFitnessPal

This is for the person who needs to monitor what they are eating and their nutritional intake. I would not recommend this app to anyone with any sort of eating disorder or body dysmorphia (in fact if you eat too little, it won't even give you a weight projection). This is if you aren't sure how much you should be eating, what the nutritional value of the food you're eating is or need to hold yourself accountable from all the sugary, processed foods. You can enter your weight, goals, etc. into the app and are given a projected calorie intake for each day. However, that said, I only use it to see the nutritional values or if I've been indulging way too much and need to think about what it is I am consuming. It is a bit time consuming to type in each ingredient and to find the exact item can be a bit tricky, but since this is only a guide I don't fuss too much about it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, water intake and exercise can all be entered into the app and it automatically shows you how many calories you've eaten and what you have left. At the end of the day it shows you the total macros, calories and nutrients broken down into different categories. There are also recipes, tips and information on the home feed and a progress chart for weight if you want to be aware of that. Please remember that weight is not the important part of health! Muscle really does weight more than fat and eating healthy is the best diet choice! (see my previous post for my top 5 tips to lose weight)

5. PIIT Pocket

This is for the person who wants to feel the burn and quickly! Created by Cassey Ho, founder of Blogilates, this is the newest edition to her PIIT 28 program and is designed so you can create custom workouts. I have not tried the Kayla Itsines - Sweat with Kayla- app but I would assume these would be very similar. I only just got this app and have yet to pay for the added features, but so far I am enjoying it. I tend to modify jumping variations of most exercises due to my wonky knee, but I find that easy enough to do with this app. Abdomination, Perfect Legs and Ultimate Upper Body are the only non-paid options you can view. It's a good taste though of what the app offers and just like 8fit, there are meal plans and recipes available too. I like that you don't have to buy the whole thing before seeing the recipes, workouts or features, like some other apps I've seen. Blogilates also has her own YouTube channel and there are LOADS of other videos on there, including some from this very app and you don't have to leave this app to view them either. There is also a section to store your favourite videos, recipes and workouts and a calendar to plan out your month.

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