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Hi Friends,


My name is Shawn and I'm a certified Pilates instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, living in Toronto, Canada. 

Over the last few years, I've really developed a passion for all things healthy. This website was created to be a place where I share my thoughts, recipes, workouts, tips and information. It is an extension of me and I hope you enjoy looking around!

To further my passion for health, I enrolled at the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition for their Holistic Nutrition program and graduated in October 2018. It is here I honed my nutritional philosophy and gained the knowledge to help others become the healthiest version of themselves!

My philosophy is to make nutrition accessible, attainable and easy! It's not about counting calories or macros, but rather understanding what your body needs and learning what foods are optimal for you specific needs. This is a process, not an overnight quick fix, because (spoiler) there is none! It's also not about depriving yourself or never eating your favourite foods again- it's creating a balance and a manageable LIFESTYLE.

My goal with both Pilates and nutrition is to make you feel like you again, the healthy, happy and confident version that you want to be!

Check out my nutrition page, for sample meal plans. Nutritional consultations coming soon!

Check out my videos page, to see a sample of what Pilates is and what I do!

I truly hope you find some motivation and inspiration from my little website. 

xo Shawn

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I am currently taking on new Pilates clients! 




via Skype $75/hour or 5 sessions for $350


in home $105/hour or 5 sessions for $500


taxes extra. up to 2 people maximum. 

restrictions apply. not available to current in studio clients. please inquire for more information.



Alternatively, if you would like to come to me, 2 Toronto locations to chose from. prices vary from above.


Blood West Village, Retrofit Pilates, www.retrofit.ca


Leaside, Nucleo Fitness, www.nucleofitness.ca

“The mind, when housed in a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.” 

Joseph Pilates

Now Available | Nutritional Consultations 


via Skype 


1 hour initial assessment and 30 min. plan delivery $245 

30 min. follow-up appointment $85 

3 month get started package (initial assessment plus 3 follow-up) $500

6 month get healthier package (initial assessment plus 6 follow-up) $755 

9 month get in tune package (initial assessment  plus 9 follow-up) $1010 

12 month get overhauled package (initial assessment plus 12 follow-up) $1265


taxes extra. access in-between appointments via email if needed. 

restrictions apply. please inquire for more information.



What is included?


Initial Assessment (delivered 3-5 days post session) 

  • Personalized 3 day meal plan 

  • Analysis overview 

  • Supplement recommendations 

  • Dietary recommendations 

  • Lifestyle recommendations (if applicable, i.e. exercise, stress, etc.) 

  • Healthy habit guidelines 


Plan Delivery 

  • Overview of plan layout, findings and recommendations 

  • Review of meal plan, key concepts and ingredients to incorporate 



Follow-up appointments

  • Progress check-in 

  • Food diary review (if required) 

  • Supplement review 

  • Follow-up report (delivered 3-5 days post session) 

  • Personalized 3 day meal plan to address dietary modifications, concerns or new meal ideas (delivered 3-5 days post session)



This approach is designed to help you become in-tune with your body and develop healthy eating habits that are sustainable. This is not a diet plan. No macros or calories will be counted. Instead we will focus on intuitive eating, listening to what your body needs, creating healthy relationships with food and understanding what your body is telling you. The goal is to make small, maintainable changes that become a part of your everyday life!

I will do my best to answer your question right away!