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 nutrition is where I post meal plans, tips and other information 

Combining my nutritional studies and love of recipe and meal planning; I have created this new page. "nutrition" is dedicated to providing sample meal plans to help those of you that may be confused how to properly combine foods to provide essential nutrients. All meals will be plant-based, please feel free to add meat products in place of other proteins, if you prefer. This is a judgement free site. 

sample summer
meal plan:


wheat berries cook for 1 hour |
make ahead and store in the fridge for an easy protein addition to salads

breakfast | coconut yogurt with berries, hemp hearts and mint 

lunch | asparagus, grilled peach and wheat berries on a bed of spinach with a dijon, maple vinaigrette (via garnish) with chives

dinner | crispy fried tofu cold pasta salad (use sprouted grains or quinoa for added nutrients and protein, if possible) with tomatoes, corn, red and green peppers in a creamy avocado and garlic dressing (via garnish) and topped with roasted chickpeas (via snack)

sample autumn 
meal plan:

breakfast | pumpkin spiced oatmeal with chia seeds, coconut sugar and pumpkin purée 

lunch | butternut squash and maple syrup soup with roasted pecans

dinner | one pot roasted vegetables including Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery and beets with white beans and lentils (via eat)


a complete protein (contains 22 amino acids) is often a bit of a challenge in vegetarian cooking | Combinations like beans and lentils or rice and beans ensure you are getting all the necessary amino acids
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